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Whether you need therapy or you are just curious I hope you enjoy your visit and hopefully leave having learnt something.

When you speak to people about hypnotherapy you will undoubtedly get an opinion one way or the other. Unfortunately many of those who profess the strongest opinions are the ones who know least about it.

Contrary to popular perceptions it is NOT about getting people to do chicken impressions or anything else embarrassing.

Let me explain a few fundamental things about hypnosis that you may not know.

Firstly you can only hypnotise someone to do something they would do normally. Getting someone to do something they would be uncomfortable with is not an option. If that were true hypnotists would be running the world.

Secondly trance is not long lasting and you will come out of trance prior to leaving a consultation. This will not affect you after you have left, I do however suggest you refrain from driving or operating machinery for a short period. This is for your own and everyone else’s safety, you will likely be feeling very relaxed and your reflexes may not have returned to 100% performance.

Amazing Minds

So what is trance?

It is a like a daydream, you are fully conscious and aware of where you are and what you are doing. Everyone goes into trance on a daily basis but may not be aware of it or perhaps not thought about it as trance. An example often used is the person who makes a journey on a regular basis. Because it is something you have done many times you just do it without any real planning. When you reach your destination your recollection of the journey is vague, i.e. you have no real cognitive memory of every movement you made to get from where you started to your destination but you could recall it all with some prompting. Another analogy is being lost in the plot of a good book or film, you are immersed in an altered state but still in control of everything else you are doing.

In trance you are in an extremely relaxed state both physically and mentally, whilst in this state I am able to communicate positive suggestion to your subconscious mind to influence the outcome of whatever you have come to see me about.

So what can I help you with?

There is no definitive list, but the primary things that come to mind are things such as, habit breaking (smoking, nail-biting), phobias (spiders, needles, flying), weight control, eating disorders, managing pain, increasing confidence, sports performance, and confidence building(public speaking).This is by no means an exhaustive list just a flavour of the things that can be addressed.

Hypnotherapy can help with other things as well. If there is anything else you are particularly interested or concerned about please contact me.